dinosaur Kristen Grossi

Missing Out (but not really)

Hello buddies,

Sorry long time no post- I have been doing more on Sally Madden lately, for prestige... it's been so long since I checked lj that I can't view all the posts I missed! Where is my drama?!!!@#$%$#~@$!#%%Y!!!

I just wanted to say hi and please be on guard for my Bobb Trimble (I don't know why there are three B's, just enjoy the mystery) interview coming up on If You Make It next week. Mr. Trimble graciously agreed to an interview with me before he sets of on a mini-tour starting 6/16 in Philadelphia at the Rotunda! For Free!

I will post here and everywhere when the comic goes live, I just wanted to mention to those in the area that maybe you should definitely attend this event- I cannot begin to stress the level of both magic and importance of Trimble's work, it really must be heard to be understood, a definite must for any folk, psychedelic, or ex-Pink Floyd fan most definitely:

Can you believe the video quality for 1983?! Also, if the backing band looks a little off to you, that is because they are high schoolers...